Catherine Opie and Robert Mapplethorpe: Reappraising the Culture Wars


Collecting Dust and Other Things: Process Art and Documentation


Human Genetic Harvest: Removal, Capture and Identity under the World Trade Organization


Performance Artist Nao Bustamente’s Wake Up Calls

Analytical Musings: Nina Levitt’s Critical Details

Wayne Corbitt and Justin Chin on Racism, Art and Subculture


Double Trouble at SF Camerawork and the Eye Gallery

Sheree Rose: Body Parts, Body Art

Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian: Pillars of the New Narrative


Jewel in Our Crown: The Many Voices of Sapphire

High Hengst: Performance Poet

Jerome Caja: Up from the Ashes

John Priola: 501,272 and Counting

Man Among Men: Two Books on Keith Haring

Into the Woods: The Faerie Phenomenon

Limitless Vision: Wayne Smith’s Photo Texts

David Liebendorfer: Laying Rubber

Feast for the Eyes: LLEGO California’s Subtle Maximalism

Theory Girls in the Eye of the Storm

The Hittite Empire: Defining Change

George Birimisa’s Helpful History

Diamanda Galas: Don’t Believe the Hype

Carrie May Weems: Unforgettable

Victor Bumbalo’s Spectrum of Choices

Cary Liebowitz: Latching on to Popular Culture

The Big Allure: Catherine Harrison’s “Permission”

Enchantingly Cheap Flamboyance: Glen Helfand’s “Real Tears”

Joe Goode, Benney and Lutes: Opposite Manners

New Additions to Millie Wilson’s Museum

RE/Search’s Angry Women

Rene Yung’s Extraordinary Sleights of Hand


Stand Up Theory

Pam Gregg’s and Nayland Blake’s “Situation” at New Langton Arts

Lisette Model and the Mediation of Grit

Jeffrey Fraenkel’s Kiss of Apollo

Paul Monette: Fine-tuning the Mainstream

Arthur Danto and Andy Grundberg: The Duplicity of Representation

Life Art: Performing Christine Tamblyn


Picturing the 21st Century: Two Exhibitions of Mexican Women Photographers

Peter Palmquist: Mining the Medium

Constance Sullivan’s and Eugenia Parry Janis’s “Women Photographers

AIDS in Bay Area Photography: Mariella Poli’s Early Casualtites

Beyond Pushing Buttons: Paul Monette’s and John Weir’s Recent Novels